You’re not alone if you find yourself daydreaming about a certain food — there are both physiological and psychological reasons why cravings pop up. When you’re trying to lose weight it can feel
You start your health journey in a dramatic way, by significantly changing your diet — maybe choosing a trendy option that’s all about big weight loss in a short time. And it works. But once you
Whether you’re headed for a neighborhood barbecue or cooking out in your own backyard, healthy grilling can seem like a challenge. After all, many traditional staples and sides like burgers and
Triglycerides and cholesterol levels are often measured and reported together in a lipid profile when you visit your doctor. But they’re actually quite different. Triglycerides are a form of fat
You’ve no doubt seen plenty of 30-day transformation stories. If you read enough of these, you may think going from lean to muscular is quick and easy. In real life, however, muscle growth is a
When it comes to weight loss, alcohol is an easy target since it’s full of so-called ‘empty calories’ — calories that come from food or drink sources with little-to-no nutrition. “The problem wi
Whether it’s a special cake you have at a birthday party or a bag of potato chips you eat when you’re stressed, food is powerful because it is tied to emotions and memories. However, emotional e
Most people dread a weight-loss plateau, but when the scale won’t budge, you may actually want to celebrate. “It may be your new equilibrium,” says Tim Church, MD, MPH, professor of preventive m
If you’ve ever paid close attention to your eating habits — by keeping a food log, tracking macros, following a meal plan, etc.— you may have noticed that during the colder months you’re hungrie
Each new year brings resolutions focused heavily around losing weight and eating healthier. But each February sees the majority of them end. To keep your motivation strong, here are a few secret




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