Eating healthier has it challenges and money is top on that list! Depending on where you are, fresh food doesn’t come cheap. To tackle this challenge, we asked MyFitnessPal users like you for tips and tricks that helped them stay healthy on a shoestring budget. Without further ado, here are some of their top notch answers:

1. Make stuff from scratch and learn to cook. It’s a life skill, seriously.

2. Use smaller plates.

3. Get two for one at the restaurant.

4. Seek the sales. Freeze the extras.

5. Batch cooking all the way.

6. Eat fresh in season. (Fresh not accessible? Get it frozen!)

7. Avoid convenience stores.

8. Buy only what you need to save on food waste.

9. Plan and prep your meals for the week.

10. Make the slow cooker your friend.

11. Keep it local.

12. Spice it up.

13. Scavenge for coupons.

How do you stay healthy on a shoestring budget? Share with us your best practices in the comments below.


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