For parents, Halloween is often a zero-sum game between trick or treat. Sure, the costumes are adorable and the spending time with your kids can’t be beat.

But then there’s the candy. Oh goodness, is there the candy.

Steering clear of sweets is hard enough on our own — how are we supposed to set a good example when the very nature of our kids’ favorite holiday is about bags and bags full of chocolates, candies and all forms of sugar in mass quantities?

Well, we asked, you answered. We threw the question out to our Facebook community: Is the spookiest thing about Halloween your kids’ sweet tooth? What’s your trick to keeping them from eating too many sweets?

Below are 10 of our favorites of the strategies you submitted. Good work, parents! And Happy Halloween!

1. Meet the Switch Witch…FTW!

2. Or maybe a visit from the Halloween Fairy?

3. The genius move… if they go for it!

4. The “Binge & Purge” approach.

5. Train your kids up in the art of negotiation.

6. Play some Halloween Hide and Go Seek.

7. Save the stomachaches for yourself.

8. The “Bear-Proof Bag” method.

9. Reduce, recycle, reuse!

10. Next year, we’re coming to your house.


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