We’ve now entered the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or the New Year, you’ll likely celebrate with all kinds of delicious food. Maybe some of these foods you only prepare during the holidays or don’t eat during the rest of the year.

So many
people tend to overeat in this season and gain weight, then make a resolution
for the new year to go on a diet. That approach hasn’t worked in the past, and
it won’t work this year either.

don’t produce long-term weight loss, so I encourage you to never go on another
one. But that’s a topic for a different post.

There is
a much better way to enjoy the foods of the holidays without gaining weight. I
confess that for most of my life, I routinely overate and gained weight over
the holidays. Despite my resolution to lose the weight after New Year’s, I
rarely did. The weight kept piling up.

I enjoy the holiday foods I love without gaining weight! I love being the only
one at the Thanksgiving table who doesn’t overeat.

I don’t
feel deprived one bit. In fact, I feel so much better! I’m going to tell you
how you can do that too. Post-menopause, losing weight is so much harder, so if
you want to avoid weight gain, it’s time to nip those overeating habits in the

holidays you celebrate this time of year, it is likely that food is involved.

What does
this bring to mind for you?

Do You Think Any of These Thoughts About Holiday Eating?

  • I only get to eat (fill in favorite holiday foods
    here) on (insert holiday here)! I’d better get my fill of it!
  • There are so many tempting foods around. How can
    I resist?
  • I can’t waste this, so I’d better finish what is
    on my plate.
  • After the holidays, I’ll go on a diet
  • I deserve to eat this!

What is
wrong with this type of thinking? It comes from a mindset of scarcity. If you
want to stop overeating and gaining weight during the holidays, the most
important step is to change your mindset from one of scarcity to one of
abundance. It’s crucial.

what I mean. Has there been a time in the past few years when you didn’t have
enough food to eat? Is there a shortage of delicious food in your life on a
regular basis?

guessing the answer to both of these questions is “no.” Chances are that you
can buy or prepare delicious food any time, day or night. 24/7 in many places.
You can stop at the local market and purchase lots of things that you love to

You can
go to a nearby restaurant and enjoy a good meal. You probably don’t have to go
far for take-out, gourmet shops, fast food, bakeries, coffee shops, or other
sources of sustenance. Perhaps you have lots of great stuff in your house right

If that
is the case, you live in a world with an abundance of good food. No scarcity for you! So why do you
view holiday feasts like they might be your last meal?

It’s All About Changing Your Mindset

What if
you approached the holidays with a different mindset? What if you thought,

There is
so much good food in my life on a regular basis. The holidays are just another
opportunity to enjoy delicious things to eat.

I’m going
to savor my favorite holiday foods without overeating. I’m going to be
selective because I deserve only the most delicious foods. I also deserve to
feel great, and I don’t feel very good when I’m stuffed.

Adopt this abundance mindset, and use the following
guidelines to enjoy holiday deliciousness without gaining weight:

Give Yourself Permission to Eat the Foods You Love When You Are Hungry

If you
eat when you aren’t hungry, your body will store that energy as fat. If you’ve
got a dinner or party to attend, plan so that you arrive hungry. But NOT TOO
hungry. When you’re too hungry, you’re less discerning about what to eat.

before an event with the idea that you simply won’t eat there. That’s a
terrible diet brain strategy that is no fun and more often than not backfires.
Willpower is a very unreliable tool for weight management.

Eat Slowly and Reduce Distractions

think about anything else when you’re eating so you can savor every scrumptious
bite. Remember, you’re eating these foods because they taste great, so don’t
miss out on the flavor!

You can
take a few moments from the conversation to savor your food. That way, you’ll
also notice when your body has enough food before you’re too full. Learning how
to really taste your food while engaging in conversation is a skill that takes

Stop Eating Before You Feel Lightly Full

enjoy the food and celebration more without a case of indigestion afterwards.
You may be eating richer foods than you normally eat, so keep checking in with
your gut.

I like to
think about how much food I know my body normally needs to feel lightly full
and put that amount on a plate. That way, if I want more, I have to think about
it first.

Don’t Eat Anything You Don’t Love

discerning. Check out the offerings and decide what you want most. You deserve
only the best!

If You DO Overeat, Don’t Use That as an Excuse to Go Bonkers

indulge in continuous overeating through the holidays and beyond with that
“what the heck, I already blew it” attitude.

your abundance mindset. There is no shortage of delicious food in your life, so
you don’t have to eat everything that’s in front of you NOW. You can just wait until
you’re hungry again to have some of those great leftovers, or to get something
else yummy.

Plan Ahead

about what you really love and what you could do without. Do not choose certain
foods to please others. If you’re not fond of your daughter’s sweet potato
casserole, she’ll still love you if you don’t take any. Don’t cave to pressure
by food pushers either.

Visualize Yourself at the Party Eating the Way You Plan to

Take a
few minutes to picture yourself at the party taking a reasonable amount of food
and enjoying it along with the conversation. See yourself eating slowly and not

brain doesn’t know the difference between what you experience in real life and
what you visualize, so you’re more likely to stick to the plan if you practice
it ahead of time.

I hope
you are able to allow yourself to enjoy the foods of the holiday season without
guilt. No one should feel guilty about eating food. Happy Holidays!

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What do
you struggle with the most when it comes to eating habits during the holidays?
Do you cave into pressure when deciding what meals to eat? Do you eat with a
mindset of scarcity or abundance? Please share your thoughts and any strategies
that have worked for you in the past.

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