Ever caught yourself drooling over Instagram food pics (aka #foodporn)? Some of it looks delectable, right? But is it healthy?
We thought we’d have a little fun and check out the number of times that images of healthy foods, like broccoli (#broccoli), are posted versus the number of times less healthy foods, like chips (#chips) are posted. Here’s what we found …

carrots 1,953,147 bacon 6,998,937
quinoa 1,401,462 pie 3,070,770
avocado 4,771,809 cake 39,564,235
broccoli 1,956,229 chips 2,863,154
apples 1,840,978 burgers 2,099,689
almonds 1,118,762 doughnuts (donuts) 2,640,513
tomatoes 2,549,805 cookies 10,748,129
berries 2,482,390 pizza 22,475,313
salmon 5,048,103 ice cream 22,667,129
arugula 267,863 fried chicken 1,012,376
kale 2,298,251 soda (pop) 11,683,386
lentils 253,691 hot dogs 1,881,512
garlic 2,106,594 candy 9,515,212

Source: WEBSTA Instagram Analytics, websta.me on November 2, 2016


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